WordPress Hosted VS Self Hosted

Today, we will be comparing WordPress and self hosted WordPress. By the end of this post you will have the information to make the best decision for your blog. This post will have multiple sections, including advertising, pricing, domain and customisation of both editions of WordPress.

Pricing :

WordPress Hosted offers a free version of there software hosted within there platform. However it comes with some limitations, we will discuss these later. Upgrading to WordPress VIP will cost you a few thousand pounds a month, this is just to remove some limitations. Even the most expensive VIP Plan still comes with some minor limitations, which don’t occur on WordPress self hosted.

WordPress Self Hosted on the other hand will cost you a few quid a month to keep online. Although you usually have to pay a yearly domain feel many websites that self host WordPress will allow you to host your blog in there domain, usually for free. Using your own self hosted system had more benefits though, but managed self hosting is a perfect fit in the middle of the ladder up to a professional blogger.

Domain Offerings :

WordPress Hosted allows you to host your blog using there .WordPress.com subdomain suffix. However this is incredibly limiting for most users, since it makes it more difficult for there blog to be found on the major search engines. Usually you have to manually upload a website to the major search engines, that can still take weeks for your website to be found by using a simple search engine query. You can purchase a domain from them however like hosting providers allow you to, however you also need WordPress premium to connect your domain, wether WordPress registered it or not. This is the main disadvantage.

WordPress Self Hosted usually requires you to own a domain to be able to publicly broadcast your blog. Some hosting providers however offer free domain registration on certain plans or billing terms, we suggest checking with your domain provider to see if they can provide you a free domain.  If they don’t, you can register a domain from a free domain provider such as Freenom however, be warned they have been known to cancel domains without any notice or reason. We have an upcoming blog post you should read that tells you the comparison between free domain and paid domain providers.

We currently offer self hosted blogs for free on a subdomain through our web hosting service, named VimlyHost, with some minor restrictions, much less major than WordPress fully hosted though. The main advantage of WordPress Self Hosted is the easy of search engine optimisation and findability. All you have to do is input the required meta tags and save, then your blog will most be shown on most of the major search engines within a few days.

Advertising :

WordPress Hosted currently only supports external advertising on VIP accounts, which cost a few thousand pounds a month as we mentioned before. WordPress hosted however displays advertisements on free accounts whilst on the other hand WordPress self hosted does not participate in the same practices.

WordPress Self Hosted is a free for all in relation to advertisements, you are in full control. The only thing you have to setup for advertising is an advertising account, there is no need to upgrade any WordPress accounts to gain access to this feature.

Customisation Options :

WordPress Hosted sadly does not allow the option to use plugins, however they do this for the security of there users. Customisation it self is relatively similar on both platforms when your using the front end editing, however on the other hand if you want more advanced customisation you will be required to purchase the CSS upgrade.

WordPress Self Hosted allows plugins, however some WordPress verified hosting providers can disable this feature on there own accord ; they can either completely disable plugins or they can stop you from installing new plugins that they do not have activated on your account. WordPress self hosted customisation is unrestricted, you can simply access your file manager provided by your web hosting provider to gain the ability to edit and customise CSS files, no need to pay for a ridiculous service upgrade to access a feature you can get for free if you self host.

Conclusion :

WordPress Hosted is best for small Personal blogs, where you can make posts to pass time and to share with your friends and family.

WordPress Self Hosted is recommended for business or development teams that require customisation, unrestricted plugins and the ability to earn money from Advertisments.

Overall there is no real winner in this battle, they are both good for their own reasons. You can make your decision based on the other information in the rest of the conclusion located and the reason you need or want a blog.

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