Adverse Weather Notice Withdrawn

We can confirm as of Monday, March 12th, 2018, that we will be withdrawing our adverse weather notice, as there is no further adverse weather expected. If we are made aware of any further adverse weather effecting our local office, will promptly notify customers through social media, our blog and our website.

Adverse Weather Notice

Support Responses may be slower than usual this week, as we are experiencing adverse weather conditions, which is effecting our ability to connect to the network and respond to tickets.

This will not effect the servers, as they are located in a different country, within a secure facility.

News : Clients Area Design Updated

We are happy to announce that the new VimlyHost Clients Area design has being completed, the modifications have included activating a new theme, customizing default text options, adding additional sign up fields and making the ordering process quicker as well as many other changes.

Once we have changed our color scheme to match that of our main website, our clients area will be complete. If you have any further design suggesti0ns, please let us know by emailing [email protected] or by making a ticket.