Why is your blog using a free domain extension?

We are currently using a free domain name, as our DNS Manager will not allow us to create a subdomain and host it on an external hosting provider with WordPress.

We are also unable to host our blog on our main website, as it is hosted on a static web hosting service which combined with CloudFlare has incredibly strong DDOS Protection.

Therefore, to create this blog we had to register a new domain, and our chosen domain name was  a free domain, as we aren’t sure of which extension to use for our blog. Although using a free domain may lower the rankings of this blog in the search engines, it will not effect any of our customers or frequent visitors.

If you have any concerns regarding our usage of a free domain name, which haven’t being resolved in this blog post, please email [email protected].

Welcome to the Official VimlyHost Blog

Welcome to the official VimlyHost Blog. The focus of this blog is to provide a centralised location  for customers to receive news and announcements regarding our services, and for the general public to receive advice regarding the web hosting industry.

Notice to Web Hosting Companies : We will not rank you higher or promote you further in the rankings, if you provide us with an expectioanlly high commission rate. However, we reserve the right to use the commission rate you provide regardless.