Our Features

All of our features are listed on this page, including general, domain & email features among others.

Main Features

Fast Servers

We use a combination of website optimisation and caching technologies to allow us to provide outstanding server speed.


All of our servers are powered by CloudLinux, which prevents any website from using excessive resources and slowing down your own.

cPanel Control Panel

We use the industry leading cPanel Control Panel, which makes it easy to manage your website without technical experience.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

We have partnered with Let’s Encrypt SSL to provide Free SSL Security for all websites hosted with us.


Install over 300 applications including WordPress, Joomla & Prestashop in only 1 click with softaculous script installer.

Latest Version of PHP

All of our servers have the latest version of PHP set as the default version for optimal performance.

Frequent Backups

We backup every account once a week to our remote server, so we can restore your account if disaster strikes.

No Advertisments

We will never advertise on your website and you are free to run your own ads, as long as they are not excessive.

No Activation Fees

We never charge activation fees, the price of the plan is the total cost you will be billed for, no activation fees, payment fees or additional tax.

File Management Features

cPanel File Manager

Modify your website at ease with cPanel’s built-in file manager, with useful features including file permissions, renaming and more.

Multiple FTP Accounts

Having a web developer create your website for you? Restrict which folders they can access, so they can’t interfere with other websites you may host.

Remote FTP Enabled

You aren’t forced to use cPanel’s built-in file manager, you are completely free to use your preferred desktop FTP client if you wish to do so.

No File Size Limits

Need to upload an large file to your website such as a theme? You are more than welcome to, as long as you don’t use our service to host large files.

Security Features

TLS 1.2 Supported

All our servers have TLS 1.2 security enabled, and select servers have TLS 1.3 support.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

We have partnered with Let’s Encrypt SSL to provide Free SSL Security for all websites hosted with us.

cPanel Virus Scanner

Scan your website for common viruses within minutes by using the cPanel virus scanner.

cPanel IP Blocker

Is your website being spammed by the same person multiple times? Use the cPanel IP Blocker to block them from your webssite.

Leech Protection

Protect your website from leaked login details by automatically disabling accounts after a number of logins in a short period of time.

CageFS Firewall 

We use the industry leading CageFS Security system, so in the unlikely case one account is hacked, they can’t use the account to access other customer files.

Domain Features

Existing Domain or New Domain

You can use an existing domain for your account, or buy a new one from £2.79 Per Year.

Host Multiple Websites

All Paid Accounts can host at least 2 websites on different domains.

Host Multiple Subdomains

All Paid Accounts can host unlimited subdomains such as Blog.YourDomain.com.

Email Features

Unlimited Email Accounts

All paid plans come with unlimited email accounts, ideal for websites run by multiple people.

Optional Email Forwarding

All accounts have free email forwarding, which allows you to keep all your emails in one inbox.

Email Delivery Tracker

Are your customers not receiving your emails? Use our email delivery tracker to find out why.

General & Spam Filters

Reduce the amount of spam you receive by setting up spam filters.


Automatically respond to your customers emails, so they know that you received your email.

One Click Email Setup

Read your emails in many email programs with the click of a button.

POP/IMAP/Webmail Access

Read your emails through your browser or in your perfered mail app.

Backup Features

Automated Weekly Backups

We backup every account once a week to our remote server, so we can restore your account if disaster strikes.

4 Week Backup Rotation

The last 4 backups will always be avilable in your account for your convenience.

Manual Backups Available

You are free to backup your account at anytime within cPanel.

Downloadable Backups

You are free to download your account backup locally at anytime.

Restorable Backups

Easily restore your backup in 1 click with the cPanel file restore features.

Statistics Features

Error Logs

This function displays 300 of the most recent in errors on your website. You can use this information to find broken links or problems with missing files.

Bandwidth Logs

This function shows your bandwidth usage. This will include all HTTP (web), POP (mail) bandwidth usage, and FTP bandwidth usage.

Raw Access Logs

Raw Access Logs allow you to see who has visited your website without displaying graphs, charts, or other graphics.

Awstats Access
Webalizer Access
Analog Stats

Support Services

Initial Response Time Guarantee 

We guarantee the initial response to your ticket will take no more than 12 hours (for paying clients).

Low Average Response Time

Our average response time to tickets is 3 hours on weekdays and 2 hours on weekends.

Live Chat Available

We have intergrated with Facebook‘s in-site live chat feature, so we can provide customers live support.

Arund The Clock Support 

Our support team is online and responding to tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Self-Help Support Options

We provide multiple self-help support options including an extensive knowledge base and YouTube Channel.