Our Sponsors

DCT Host - Reseller Hosting Sponsor

We approached a multitude of web hosting companies around the world, when we initially launched our web host, and the only company to believe in us was the locally based DCT Hosting firm.

Since receiving our reseller Hosting Sponsorship, DCT Hosting has being our primary service provider and we have had no more than a few hours of downtime since they became our sponsor.

In return for their services, we offer invaluable support services to their clients, advertise their paid hosting services and keep them up to date on our progress as we grow and evolve.

HostMeRight - Reseller Hosting Sponsor

HostMeRight is a low cost Web Hosting provider based in Staffordshire, England.

We approached HostMeRight in Febuary 2018 with a sponsorship proposal, in which we offered to provide support to their clients and advertise some of their offerings. In return for this we obtained a free reseller account on their server.